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Fritts-Family-Chiropractic-Preventative-CareThe core of any chiropractic practice is the adjustment process -- bringing the spine back into alignment through specific manipulation and adjustment. However, a chiropractor’s job is to create balance within the body. This requires skills and services outside of just providing adjustments.

At Fritts Family Chiropractic, your first visit will focus on an initial assessment of your condition, situation, and ailments. We’ll look at both a short-term treatment and a long-term plan to getting patients into a state of maintenance and prevention. In addition to adjustments, this plan may include:


  • Massage: Tight, sore, or injured muscles can pull the spine back out of alignment or create other symptoms by pinching nerves. During treatment, a variety of massage techniques and tools may be used to break up scar tissue, lengthen contracted muscles, or address muscle spasms. This may also be part of the prescription to treating longer-term issues, such as posture problems that impact spinal alignment.
  • Stretching: Stretching is as important as cardio and strength training for a healthy, balanced body. Tight muscles can be a cause of spine and nerve issues, and elongating those muscles may be a critical part of your treatment plan. This can come in two ways -- first, assisted stretches during office visits and second, “homework” in the form of a daily stretching routine.
  • Nutrition: What you put into your body can make a big impact on the musculoskeletal system. Our nutritional expertise can provide specific assessments and recommendations to help you achieve your goals across a range of issues. For example, diet recommendations may be made to help you lose weight, as being overweight creates immense pressure on your spine. Similarly, nutritional supplements may offer support for things like restless legs, muscle spasms, irritable bowel syndrome, and inflammation.

These treatment (and more) can provide relief for many different ailments that are caused by -- yet seem unrelated to -- spinal alignment issues. When combined with adjustments, they help lead your spine and musculoskeletal system to long-term relief and good health.

Which treatments are right for you? Come into Fritts Family Chiropractic today for your initial consultation and start down the path to relief.

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Dr. Fritts treated me a couple of times when I’d experienced sciatica. His office in the Lower Haight is very pleasant and easily accessible by Muni. Dr. Fritts scheduled me an appointment just a day after I called and seems very flexible concerning appointment times.
Steven G.

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