Chiropractic for Preventative Care

Stopping the "If I only..." Syndrome

It’s sneaky and we’ve all fallen victim to it from time to time -- and when it hits, we shake our head and groan and wonder why we weren’t more aware. No, it’s not the flu or a cold or a sprained ankle. It’s something far more insidious and preventable: “If I only” syndrome. That is, “if I only” ate better, got more rest, or just generally took better care, then a laundry list of ailments could have been prevented.

Chiropractic can be one of the best ways to nip “if I only” syndrome in the bud because it addresses systemic issues generated by specific problems. Why would, say, a pinched nerve in your neck make you more susceptible to the flu? Simple -- it’s because the body is an interconnected system, one where a muscle pull here or a sore joint there could be weakening your immune system or making you more vulnerable to a serious injury. Prevention is the best defense, both from physical injuries and internal systemic issues, and fortunately, chiropractic care can address both.

musculoskeletal-bodyThe simple way to think about the musculoskeletal system is that it works as a connected web of pulleys. One part impacts another and another, so when everything is working, it’s a well-oiled machine running optimally. However, when various small injuries occur, they can accumulate into a much bigger injury without proper treatment. For example, a runner may have various small traumas across her knees and hips from the constant impact of pavement contact, and this causes tightness in the lower back. This lower back pain, which feels just like a nagging issue rather than an acute one, can create tension in the body’s pulley system, and when she lifts something the wrong way, it can lead to a major injury.

In a case like this, “if I only” syndrome provides us with proper hindsight. With proper chiropractic treatments to treat misalignment, tightness, and inflammation along the legs and hips, the lower back properly loosens up and doesn’t contribute to a major physical injury. This type of preventative thinking also applies to internal systemic issues. A bicyclist may have spinal misalignment due to constantly holding the familiar hunched-over position. By pinching nerves along the spine, the body’s monitoring system -- the “data input” if you will -- receives false data, and because of it, the glandular response is all over the map. This creates biochemical chaos within the body, impacting the immune system, sleep regulation, moods, and other areas regulated by the endocrine system.

If we consider the body as an extremely complex machine, then it deserves the same maintenance that we would give a car or motorcycle. Instead of changing the oil or checking the tires, chiropractic care can “tune up” the body, putting its structure and pulley system back into alignment. It’s simply one of the safest, most effective ways to make sure you avoid the frustration of “if I only” syndrome.

Is your body due for regularly scheduled maintenance? Give yourself the best chance to prevent illness and injury by scheduling a whole-body tune up at Fritts Family Chiropractic. We serve clients from the Alamo Square, Duboce Triangle, and Hayes Valley neighborhoods. 

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