Chiropractic: Reinforcements For The Immune System

The human body is a funny thing. When everything's aligned and working normally, its repair and defense mechanisms naturally get the job done. However, when there's a structural problem, the immune system suffers and the body becomes more vulnerable to infections, viruses, and other disorders. Why does this happen? Think of the body as a perfectly balanced web of interlocking parts. When one of those parts is disrupted, its ripple effects are felt throughout the entirety of the web.

Many of the body's defensive functions are regulated by glands and hormones. Those are controlled by the endocrine system, where the volume of response and release depends on the data received by the nervous system. If an issue creates a problem with the nervous system, such as subluxation (compression/irritation of nerve pathways caused by spinal compression), the endocrine system receives bad data and adjusts unnecessarily, throwing the whole body out of whack.

During cold and flu system, a strong immune system is key to staying healthy while friends, family, and co-workers are getting sick. A trip to the chiropractor won't immediately free you from flu symptoms; however, it can significantly relieve structural issues that are indirectly compromising your immune system. The best defense is when your body is working the way it should, and chiropractic is one of the most effective ways to achieve that -- and in fact, researchers have discovered that immune systems can get a bit of a bonus boost through specific chiropractic adjustments.

Studies have shown that chiropractic can systemically benefit people with chronically compromised immune systems, such as those with HIV. CD4 cells are white blood cells essential to the immune system -- they tell the body to destroy infections and viruses. Without CD4 cells, the body becomes significantly more vulnerable to outside attack. A scientific study published in the Chiropractic Research Journal (Volume 3, Number 1) demonstrated that HIV patients experienced an increased CD4 count of 48% when given regular specific adjustments to the upper cervical vertebrae.

Of course, chiropractic isn't a cure for HIV, just like it's not a cure-all for flus and colds. At the very least, chiropractic adjustments properly balance the body so that it's working the way it's intended to. And now research has shown us that chiropractic provides the body's defenses with an extra boost, even for those with compromised immune systems. In short, chiropractic is a simple, effective, and non-invasive way to keep your body healthy -- so what are you waiting for?

Does your immune system need reinforcements? Give your body the defenses it needs to get through cold and flu season by contacting Fritts Family Chiropractic today.

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