Chiropractic: The Natural Solution For Athletes

At Fritts Family Chiropractic, we spend a lot of time helping weekend warriors heal from injuries, improve their performance, or minimize the possibility of injury through preventative care. Chiropractic is all about balancing the body’s musculoskeletal system so that it works like a well-oiled machine -- and if the machine gets pushed hard by, say, cycling through San Francisco or hiking through Muir Woods, it’s going to need some maintenance.

Both repetitive motions (cycling, running) and extreme duress (weight lifting, taking a hard hit in hockey) can create problems. The former tends to create gradual issues while the latter generates an immediate severe reaction. The good news is that chiropractic is an effective treatment for both. Let’s look at some examples.

Example 1: Long-distance cycling

If you’re cycling on the Wiggle, come on by Dr. Fritts’ office for an adjustment. And for you weekend warriors if you’re going across the Golden Gate to Marin or down Highway 9, chances are your body really could use a little bit of TLC. Many injuries can stem from the unnatural cycling pose and the grueling tension needed to climb high-angle inclines. The most common issues for cyclists include neck tightness, shoulder soreness, and numbness in arms and hands.

The good news is that many of these issues are interconnected, and a chiropractor can untangle them for you. A visit with Dr. Fritts can include stretching exercises, adjustments, and ergonomic education to set up your home, car and work lives to promote long term wellness. This is designed to relieve nerve pressure which improves mobility, loosens tight muscles, and resolves inflammation. When root causes have been addressed, they generate a positive trickle-down effect -- if you’ve got numb extremities after hours of cycling, the solution may be in your neck, hips, or spine.

Example 2: Hiking through Muir Woods

Muir Woods has a peak elevation change of about 800 feet, so you’ll be burning those thighs and calves hiking it. Let’s say you’ve got a backpack of gear and you’re really pushing the pace -- then you hit a bump in the path and twist your ankle. Chances are, your ankle injury will cause an adjustment to your gait as you handle the weight of your backpack and the rigors of the path ahead.

Our first recommended treatment is the standard RICE protocol (rest, ice, compression elevation). Once swelling and inflammation subside, we look at what’s going on with your ankle. This includes as-needed adjustments to the ankle and foot, and a review of a stretching routine. As for the rest of your body, adjustments may be needed so we always check the spine to make sure no misalignments will deprive you of your innate ability to thrive and heal.

Whether you’ve suffered an athletic weekend warrior injury or want to proactively prevent one, Fritts Family Chiropractic can help. Book your appointment by contacting us through email or phone 415-572-7137. Fritts Family Chiropractic is conveniently located just two blocks from the Duboce Park N Line Muni stop and serves patients in San Francisco’s Haight District, as well as Cole Valley, Inner Sunset, and Outer Sunset.

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