The Top Five Benefits of Seeing a Chiropractor

FFC-Blog-Top5articleThese days, chiropractic care is becoming an increasingly popular choice for medical treatments among San Francisco Bay Area residents. For those unfamiliar with chiropractic services, they may feel uncertainty about what's exactly involved or why it can be beneficial. Chiropractic care utilizes a whole-body approach that looks at how the body's structural (muscles, tendons, joints, skeleton, etc.) can create -- and resolve -- issues in other areas. Treatment addresses these issues while fixing root causes. In particular, here are what Fritts Family Chiropractic considers the top five benefits of seeing a chiropractor:

5) Pain management

A large part of chiropractic focuses on how the musculoskeletal system affects the nervous system. If there's a structural issue impacting your nerves, chances are you'll be feeling more pain than you really need to be. Chiropractic care seeks to correct that by adjusting and re-balancing the musculoskeletal system from the spine out. The result is a general sense of pain relief, and in some cases, the permanent disappearance of long-term nagging pain.

4) Make your body work for you, not against you

The human body is a self-healing machine. Like all machines, it requires maintenance to run smoothly. Unfortunately, between work, kids, commitments, stress, and the general go-go-go nature of modern society, it's difficult to actually make time for that maintenance. Maintenance isn't just eating right and exercising; it's doing things like stretching regularly and getting appropriate chiropractic adjustments. When the body is structurally balanced, things like circulation, immunity, and the nervous system will perform at optimal levels, helping you better recover from injuries or illness.

3) Preventative care

Chiropractic care is extremely effective when treating a specific issue such as TMJ or a knee injury. However, it's just as effective when looking at preventative care. By making spinal and musculoskeletal adjustments, chiropractic can optimally balance the interconnected system of muscles, joints, bones, and tendons within the human body. With everything functioning the way it's supposed to, the body stands a much better chance at protecting itself from injury or illness.

2) No drugs

Modern medicine is a miracle of science -- our understanding of chemical compounds have created wonderful pharmaceutical treatments for many, many issues. However, there is a time and a place for drugs, and many patients often feel like they're getting too many prescriptions for their ailments. Chiropractic care offers a safe and effective treatment plan without drugs. This helps patients get the results they want without the undesirable side effects or costs associated with medication.

1) Better quality of life

When you add up the four items above, it's pretty clear that chiropractic care is truly greater than the sum of its parts. Under proper chiropractic care, your body will function the way it was meant to, and that leads to more energy, less pain, and fewer chances for injury. All of that can be achieved without the harsh side effects of pharmaceuticals. Simply put, it's a natural and non-invasive path to a better quality of life.


Fritts Family Chiropractic sees patients of all ages and backgrounds for a wide range of ailments, from orthopedic sports injuries to chronic pain to even the common cold. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation. Payment plans and insurance options are available.




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