What Is Family Chiropractic?

FCC-Blog-What-isWhat does the “family chiropractic” part of Fritts Family Chiropractic mean? The term “family chiropractic” is a simple term with a fairly literal translation: all members of the family are treated. That spans ages, genders, and generations, across many different conditions and situations:


Pediatric chiropractic care is gaining further recognition as an effective means to treat a wide range of ailments, and they're not all physical. As children's bodies are still under development, it's possible for subluxations (a condition where spinal/cranial joints fail to properly move) to impact other body functions. This can lead to many different disorders, from asthma to even ADD. Proper chiropractic treatment can put the body's structure back into alignment, allowing the nervous system and other key areas to grow and develop properly.

Teens & Young Adults

Teens and young adults tend to be among the most active members of the population, and that often leaves them open to injuries. At the same time, some physical problems may not manifest themselves until this age range. In both cases -- and everything in between -- chiropractic care can help. Chiropractic care can treat injuries in a non-invasive manner and in the case of onsetting conditions, chiropractic care can become a lifelong tool for non-pharmaceutical pain management. Unfortunately, chiropractic can't cure that sense of bravado and invincibility that teens and young adults often have. Only the wisdom of age can treat that.


Single or married, working or stay-at-home, adults face many different physical and emotional stresses during each day. Most adults don't take the time to make sure they address these in a healthy way. In addition to treating acute injuries and conditions, chiropractic care can help get an adult body into a healthy and balanced state of being. This allows for a stronger immune system, greater energy, and a more effective path to preventative care -- something that's important in today's busy society.


Senior citizens have their own unique set of challenges, and chiropractic's unique benefits offer seniors a non-invasive, non-chemical way to positively benefit the nervous system, digestive system, or other key body functions. In some cases, it's as simple as alleviating arthritis pain and other long-term aches. Other times, it's helping rehab an injury or treating the root cause of a condition. Whatever the case, seniors receiving chiropractic care often feel more energetic, alert, and comfortable, leading to a greater quality of life.

Fritts Family Chiropractic sees patients of all ages and backgrounds for a wide range of ailments, from orthopedic sports injuries to chronic pain to even the common cold. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation. Payment plans and insurance options are available.

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Dr. Fritts treated me a couple of times when I’d experienced sciatica. His office in the Lower Haight is very pleasant and easily accessible by Muni. Dr. Fritts scheduled me an appointment just a day after I called and seems very flexible concerning appointment times.
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